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My name is Vladimir Kostyukov. I build things with Scala and Java.

Here is my short story. I grew up in small village in the middle of Altai region. Finished rural school. Spent five years in the walls of Altai State Technical University studying CS. Worked on x86 JIT compiler for Dalvik VM (it's actually ART now) at Intel based in Akademgorodok (Siberian scientific center). Currently hacking Finagle at Twitter.

The most significant things that I've made listed below.


  • Finch - a thin layer of purely-functional basic blocks atop of Finagle for building robust and composable REST APIs.
  • la4j (Linear Algebra for Java) - a lightweight sparse/dense matrix package with beautiful API and performance. Built by 20 contributors with passion and love.
  • Scalacaster - a collection of purely functional algorithms and data structures in Scala. Scalacaster is neither a library nor a framework. It's a research project, which tends to be a handy tutorial for Scala programmers or self-study.
  • "A Functional Approach to Standard Binary Heaps", 2013 [pdf]
  • "A Distributed Monitoring System", 2011 [pdf]

You can download my CV from here and reach me with following buttons